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Fashion evolves under the impulse of a desire and changes as a result of a rejection. Saturation leads fashion to throw away what until recently it adored. Since its deep reason is the desire to please and attract, its attraction certainly cannot come from uniformity, which is the mother of boredom.(Christian Dior)

Style is the dress of thoughts, and a well-dressed thought like a well-dressed man looks much better.(Lord Chesterfield)

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Jennifer Smith

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 Once upon a time, a fisherman taught a banker a lesson that would change his life.

The banker was vacationing in a small coastal village when a fisherman docked beside him with several beautiful large fin tuna in his small boat. The banker complimented the fisherman on his catch and asked how long it took.

“Just a little while”, replied the fisherman.

The banker then asked why the fisherman didn’t stay out longer and catch more fish.

As the fisherman unloaded the tuna, one by one, he replied, “Because I have enough to support my family. Plus, I enjoy sleeping late, playing with my children, taking an afternoon nap with my wife and strolling into the village in the evenings to sip wine and play guitar with my friends.”

The banker, who was extremely well-educated with an ivy league education, scoffed and gave the fisherman a lesson in business…

“Spend more time fishing. With the proceeds, buy a bigger boat, and with those proceeds, buy several boats. Eventually, you will have a fleet of fishing boats and you could move to a big city like LA or NYC to run your growing business.”

“But then what?” asked the fisherman.

The banker chuckled condescendingly and said, “Then, you could eventually announce an IPO, sell your company stock and become a millionaire.”

“But then what?” asked the fisherman, again.

The banker responded, “Then you can retire. Move to a small coastal village and enjoy sleeping late, playing with your children, taking an afternoon nap with your wife and strolling into the village in the evenings to sip wine and play guitar with your friends.”

The fisherman smiled at the banker, winked, threw the stringed tuna over his shoulder and then carried his catch into town.


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